The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

1 03 2008

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a comic book series, by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill, that was set in Victorian times and brought together literary characters of that time together and told some big fun action/adventure stories. That League consisted of Alan Quartermain, Mina Murray(From Dracula), The Invisible Man, Captain Nemo(From 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), and Dr. Jeckl/Mr. Hyde. The idea was also adapted as a movie which some of you may know, it was completely different than the comic book totally different story, and not in a good way.

On the one forum I frequent they wanted people to cast the League for a modern age, with modern fictional characters. I don’t read that many books that would have the kind of characters you’d want in the League, so I stuck with TV and Movies. I think I came up with a pretty interesting bunch, and even the start of a storyline for them. I mentioned this idea to a friend and now he’s started casting his League for his blog, and he wanted to link mine so I had to dig in the forum to find it. So now I present my idea for a Current American League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

David Dunn – The First Superhero (Unbreakable)
Since becoming a well known hero to the people, he finds himself suddenly facing demons which he can’t seem to handle alone, but he is rescued by…

Peter Banning – The Adult Peter Pan (Hook)
Since returning from Neverland and saving his children has decided not to fly again until he’s recruited by…

Dr. Egon Spengler – The Last Ghostbuster (Ghostbusters)
The Other Ghostbusters lost in action on their last mission which involved a Gateway to Hell, he has obsessed over finding them, until the gateway opens again which draws the attention of…

Buffy Summers – The One True Slayer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
A Vampire and Demon Slayer who will stop at nothing to stop the forces of darkness who was warned of the Oncoming Apocalypse by

Marty McFly – Time Traveler (Back to the Future)
From 3 Years in the future uncovered the rebuilt Delorian, and has traveled back in time to prevent Hell on Earth using the future tech Dr. Emmet Brown had stashed away, and trying to find other heroes of his generation to fight back.

Other Members I Ended up Rejecting
Crash Override (Hackers) as technical backup
Austin Powers (he was just a guy)
Harry Potter (magic makes it too easy, and brings in the whole magical world he belongs to)
Angel (Unless its at night, he’s kind of useless, plus Buffy is already there)
The Titanic equipped with a Flux Capaciter as HQ (a fun idea, but totally over the top)




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