About Me

You can call me Mike Yanni. I grew up in Troy, NY with my parents. I Went to 4 diferent schools between Kindergarten and High School, finally made it out of High School, and a 2- year college. People called me Yanni, since my real last name starts with a ‘Y’ and is incomprehenseable to the normal human tounge, but I owned it and am now TheYanni (not “a” yanni, “The” Yanni). I made some friends, enemies and aquaintnces along my journey. I work full time at a crappy job, waiting to find a good one. I found myself a hell of a lady who I love more than anything who I’ve been with for almost 5 years now.

I’ve been doing various sites off and on for 10 years now, I did theyanni.com/theyanni.net for about 5 years before having a crappy hosts that dissappeared, and who never told me how to keep the names after I switched hosting. Before that I like many others made fan-pages about a TV show or something. But for now I’m beyond that, I’d like to be professional Webdesigner currently, took some classes for it at college, and am still trying to learn all I can. I’m open to anyone who might need a website, just let me know and I’ll try to help you out.

I am a very big Comic Book, Videogame, and Anime geek. All being things that entertain me and that I find thought provoking, amusing, and have been somewhat influential in my life….besides friends, family, school, and other experiences of course. 😛

I’ve been reading comic books since I was around 10 years old, I’m an avid reader of many books ‘X-Men’ since i started out, ‘Wildcats’ is a long time fav, and the fantastic new book ‘The Pulse’ are my current favorites in that area, but I read much more than that heh heh. I also like to call myself a disease for comics, as I seem to get people get into, or back into comics to startiling results. One kid I let read this one graphic novel I had, he left our school after that year. I saw him like 2 years later, he punched me(in a friendly way) and said, “Its all your fault”. Aparently after he read that he started buying comics regularly. In college my roommates James and Zack, turned out that they both used to read comics, one day when there was nothing to do, we all sat around reading (my) comics, it was cool. Soon after James started making the weekly trips to the comic store with me, and spending just as much or more than me. Zach moved out to his newly finished dorm, but after Christmas break he told me he got a subscription to ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ after reading the ones I had. And a few years ago on a long road trip with nothing to do I gave my friend Ferro some comics to read, and he was hooked, and now is just as bad as me, could you be next? I have been dormant lately, and sadly hads very few people to chat comics with so

In the realm of videogames, I’ve been playing them since the late Atari and early NES days, you could call me a Nintendo fan-boy, I own every Nintendo system except the Virtualboy. I also own a Playstation, PS2, and Dreamcast, which are all a lot of fun. My favorite games of all time are probably ‘Super Mario World’ on the SNES since its Mario’s most perfect game (which says a lot), ‘Metal Gear Solid’ for the PS because of its great story and gameplay, and ‘Chrono Trigger’ for the SNES because of Robo the Chubby Robot, and the fact that many of my friends are frighteningly like the characters from that game, plus the story is great and even emotional at times. But besides that games I’ve played recently that are really good are ‘Sly Cooper’ which is just a damn fun game, plus its got racoons!, ‘Metroid Prime’ for Gamecube because its just so freakin great, and ‘Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time’, which is just platforming nirvana.

Last but certainly not least I am an Anime fan…..I watch too much Anime. I think I started watching Anime with ‘Sailor Moon’ since it was the only thing on in the morning before I went to school. I saw ‘Akira’ and some other Anime movies on the Sci-Fi channel, then came Toonami and ‘Dragonball Z’. Then one of our friends got a series called ‘Ranma 1/2’ from the internet and we downloaded it from him. That show is sooo funny, we went through about 4 seasons of that show in a matter of a few months. And at the same time he got us started on ‘Evangelion’, and it was all downhill from there. I then realized that there were far better shows than ‘Sailor Moon’ and ‘DBZ’. I rarely watch TV anymore, I watch most of my shows on my computer moniter(Anime that is). A bunch of us went to an Anime Convention a couple times called Otakon and it was so much fun. We didn’t see much Anime there, it was mostly just experiencing the culture, and being around people like us. But again I say it was soo much fun. My favorite Anime series as of now would have to be ‘.hack//SIGN’ because its a very original story with great characters and music. other favorites are the ‘Escaflowne Movie’, which especially has great music, and great animation. ‘Serial Experiments Lain’ is also a fav because it can induce brain tumors. Last is ‘Azumanga Daioh’, a sickeningly cute series that is very silly, and I can’t emphasize how freakin cute it is. I can’t resist the cute, one of….my only weakness!

I feel like an ass sometimes so i don’t like to talk about myself, but online I’m pretty full of myself, but person to person I’m a pretty quiet guy. Since I’m not good at describing myself without feeling more like an ass, I asked people the word or phrase they would use to describe me.
My old roommate James said “Powerstrip“.
Jimothy says “Good Man“.
Ferro says “Accepting and Fun Loving“.
Terry said this interesting note “I Dont Know You Well Enough To Describe You” (Despite knowing him for 6 years, oy).
Liz says “Easy-Going“.
Vicky refers to me as “Kind, Honest, Friendly, and Cute” (Boy is my face red(er).).
Zara gives me a resounding “Compact, Random, and Blazing” (Wowzers).
Amy had this to say “My pants are riding up to my no no spot” (An old inside joke).
Dan had this nugget of joy “Crazy go nuts“.
It seems to me the most thought was put into the answer from the Mary, who said “Dam” click for the reason she chose this, I know I found it insightful.
Any Questions or Comments for me just ask, it will help me add to this section. Contact me at theyanni@gmail.com


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